Avatar: My Metaverse

Avatar: My Metaverse

-Presented by Hanshan Art Museum

-Curated by curator Gu Zhenqing & co-curator Zhang Haitao.

-focusing on the current art production methods based on blockchain technology & NFT form.

Video Copyright: Zhang Maoyuan

From September 29th, 2021, to November 21st, 2021, Hanshan Art Museum will present the "Avatar: My Metaverse” art exhibition to the public. The exhibition is presented by Hanshan Art Museum and curated by curator Gu Zhenqing and co-curator Zhang Haitao.This is also one of the important practices of Hanshan Art Museum who has been committed to discovering, summarizing, and presenting the fusion relationship between art and technology in the contemporary contexts. This exhibition focuses on the current art production methods based on blockchain technology and NFT form. 

With the theme of Avatar: My Metaverse nearly 40 artworks created by 33 artists (groups) have been invited to participate in the exhibition, which is divided into four sections, 

Community Metaverse, Biosphere Metaverse, Parallel Metaverse and Disembedding Metaverse. Using the Internet, VR, AR, MR, AI, NFT, game engine and other technical media, it will present the future circumstance and ecology of "Internet Avatar" in an online virtual universe parallel to the real world, bringing brand new visual and sensory experiences to the public. 


Arc4g、Arrogant Kei、A.Yang、Niq Chen Keqian、Dabeiyuzhou、Debbie H Digital、Ellwood Studio、Enlighten Studio、Fakito、Gao Feng、Cthuwork & NA、Huang Heshan、IOYOI Hung Shih Cheng、Kefan404、Kidmograph (Gustavo Torres)、Liu Jinpeng(Kalman Pool)、Lin Wanshan、LuluxXX、Echo Can Luo、Fabin Rasheed、RiniiFish、Milton Sanz、Skygolpe、Sleepy、Sparrow Read、Su Yongjian、Sun Yuqian、Rutger Van Der Tas、u2p050、UBERMORGEN、Wenze 17、XI、Zhang Mo

Avatar Universe

By Curator Gu Zhenqing

Pythagoras said, "Everything is numbered." Gödel believed that the function of the human brain is nothing more than a computer, but he himself does not object to using Gödel’s incompleteness theorem as part of the proof that "the human heart is better than a computer." In his opinion, the incompleteness theorem doesnot provide the limits of human intelligence and rational, but only reveals the inherent limitations of the mathematical formal system. The Cognitive Computationalism believes that cognition is calculation. The function of the brain is to process information and to characterize the processed information. With the development of artificial intelligence, cognitive computability has built up more connection between human cognition and algorithm. The basic principles provided by algorithms for cognitive modeling has provided the possibility for the calculation and quantification with cognitive attributes. Nowadays, in the world of network chains, every idea human has, every social interaction, and every economic activity, they are all occurring in the virtual space with binary digitals. People use the Internet, VR, AR, MR, AI, NFT, game engine and other technical media to create, drive and display their own network chain "avatar" in the digital virtual world. This virtual interactive ecology, that runs on the entire network chain, that all digitization is byNFT, and where more and more online chain users are participating, is a type of Metaverse born out of the embryonic form of online games. Metaverse has bondand integrated various platforms of digital technology, Internet technology and blockchain technology, and then presented a virtual space-time parallel to thereal world. All people in the real world can have a network "Avatar"in the Metaverse. This identity is a virtual ID that truly belongs to eachuser, and so is it a necessary identity for each user to participate in online virtual social networking, games, economic activities, and asset allocation.

Exhibitiion Information

ORGANIZER: Hanshan Art Museum 

CURATOR: Gu Zhenqing

CO-CURATOR: Zhang Haitao


DATES: 2021.09.29-2021.11.21

VENUE: No.999 Taihu Avenue, SND, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 

SUPPORT: CryptoC、MoCA、HUAWEI MatePad、Dandelion Chain Lenovo、ICARUSART.AI